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What We Do

Our Place

Our Place Community of Hope provides a safe space for members to socialize with each other and make connections to additional services. Within this environment members receive support from their peers and from staff to move forward in their own recovery process.

Please see the Programs section for more information on how this is achieved through our programming.

Many of our program participants have been coming to the Centre for years and Our Place is their primary community of support.  Others come for their favourite activity such as karaoke, the live music, bingo or the Friday night dance.  Some members of the community show up to the Centre in times of crisis when they need more support or during special holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Many of our participants volunteer to support the community that they have relied upon. Most of our members come from the downtown core, however there are some who travel from other parts of the GTA.

Our Place members all live with some form of mental illness, at varying levels of severity. Our Place does not exist to provide treatment or clinical counselling. We fill a different gap along the continuum of care with assistance building to social skills and community engagement. Many people who receive mental health care services in other settings come to Our Place because it provides a constant support network an element which is key to the recovery process.

Our Place Community of Hope is run by a team that includes an Executive Director, one full-time, three part-time staff, and many volunteers. The volunteer Board of Directors provides oversight, long-range planning and vision for the operation of Our Place.

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